How can we help your project?

Wikimedia Belgium wants to work on its mission and wants to support all efforts in this regard. We can not do this on their own and needs your help. Our team can assist you with your plans and projects.

How can Wikimedia Belgium help?

Wikimedia Belgium can help you or your organisation with the following aspects of planning your activity:

Connections with the Wikimedia community:
How to connect to the Wikipedia communities? How do you get supported by volunteers? Or simply how to improve your article to avoid speedy deletion?

Need help with spreading the word of your event? We can help by promoting your event to our members, via social media, ... Or by assisting you with a venue.

Thanks to the support of the supporting members of our organisation and of the Wikimedia Foundation, we can assist with funding.
We support small and big plans, including reimbursement of expenses, purchase of equipment and paid staff.

Connections with local and national organisations:
Wikimedia Belgium acquired good connections with different regional and national organisations since the organisation of the first edition of our Heritage Picture Competition.

How does it work?

Contact a board member for assistance.