Wikimedia Belgium needs you

Some more information on the General Assembly for Saturday. I think it super to have 3 new people that want to join the board.

As we seem to have more board candidates than places in the board, I would like to go over the options.

Firstly, you can become board member. You are legally and financially responsible for the money of the vzw/asbl. You will appear in the "Staatsblad/Moniteur".
requires you to be active, join the monthly meetings, take active participation (eg. sending out newsletters, writing a budget, regular phone calls to make quick decisions, presence on a training about financial management, support other people, write reports) ...

Secondly, you can become project manager. This is ideal when you want to set up your own projects with support of our chapter, manage your own budget, but do not want to be bothered too much by what others do.
Romaine and I have done this kind of work before we had our chapter: Wiki Loves Monuments was set up this way.
Our chapter will support you as if you were board member, eg. mail address, business cards, preferred access to conferences, ...

Lastly, I would advise to choose people as "honorary board members", for people that have experience that the board can use, but that do not have the time to devote as normal board member. I would like to be included in this role.

The past year has shown us that we really need more projects, we need more project managers. Let us know if you want to become one!