Wiki Club Brussels

The Wiki Club Brussels are bi-weekly meetings where Wikipedia editors can work on articles in Wikipedia, ask questions and learn how others are editing Wikipedia or other sister projects.

Over the years we have learned that people who are new to editing Wikimedia projects (Wikipedia, wiktionary, wikiversity, wikispecies, wikiquote, etc.) often like to meet other editors so that they can help each other. Editing Wikimedia projects together often leads to better results and more fun. Also this gives the opportunity to ask questions to more experienced editors, and get immediate answers.

Participants often focus on Women in Red (GenderGap), but participants are free to write about other topics.

You can write in English, or in your own language. You do not necessarily have to start a new article, you can amend also an existing page.

When you start a new article, please do so in your user namespace. When the article is ready, it can be renamed to the main namespace.

Every 2 weeks as of 17 September 2019, in BeCentral, Cantersteen 10 (offices above the Central Station of Brussel) from 18:30 till 20:30. See for more details. Click through for booking the date.